Monday, November 28, 2011

A Thanksgiving Celebration

When most people think about Thanksgiving, they think about turkey, pie, potatoes... you know, all those yummy foods. But when you are with us, we think... hmm, what should we DRINK?!!

We started by thinking of thanksgiving themed alcoholic beverages... and then took in consideration on what we already had. Our answer, JELLO!

We found a recipe for Birthday Cake Jello Shots and decided to start there. We were going for more of a pie feel than cupcake.

Our first jello shot we decided to name it the Chocolate Coke Pie.

They looked so good, but tasted terrible. We think using the Vanilla Coke Zero was the issue, or maybe the chocolate whipped combined with it. We're not really certain.

Here is the recipe we came up with:

1 & 1/3 cup Vanilla Coke Zero
1 tbsp heavy cream
2 envelopes plain gelatin
2/3 cup chocolate whipped vodka (Pinnacle is the brand we used)
Whipped cream - fresh or store-bought (we made fresh!)
Sprinkles to garnish
To make mix the Vanilla Coke Zero, and cream together in a pot on the stove.
Sprinkle the gelatin on top of the mix. Let sit for a minute or two. 
Heat and stir until gelatin is combined. (about 5 minutes)
Remove from heat and add the vodka.
Pour into lightly greased molds.

So... we will probably try this again, but use something different. Our thought may be cream soda as a substitution! We think that sounds a little better.

We knew we couldn't rely on just one jello shot flavor to entertain our guests. We created another concoction on which was a MUCH BETTER choice. 

A Harvest Shot
A box of Orange Jello
2 cups of water
2/3 cup of Apple Vodka (we added apples to our vodka and let it sit for a few days)
1 & 1/3 cup of Ginger Ale

Start by making the box of jello. 
Heat mix with 2 cups of water and stir constantly till completely dissolved.
Remove from heat.
Add Ginger Ale and Vodka. 
Stir until all the foam is gone. 
pour into glass dish, or silicone molds. 

We didn't take any pictures of this shot. It is orange and it tastes AMAZING!!! It was a smashing success.  We would highly recommend making this one. We even had some leftovers in a bowl with whipped cream on top after dinner today. We ate it all up. No need for a beverage!

Shots of Love,
Cherie & Sue

Friday, November 18, 2011

First post!

Welcome to Two Shots of Serendipity! We are two BFF's that love making up fun cocktails! We move constantly and will soon find ourselves living far from each other. We will be posting new drinks that we come up with, along with a challenges for both of us to use similar ingredients. We hope we inspire you to create something wonderful, and tasty! Many of our beverages will include things we recommend pairing your delicious beverages with too!

Our first concoction will be posted on Thanksgiving Day!! So, stay tuned!! Who knows what lies ahead when you get the two of us together!